What are skinboosters ? Do they work?


Aesthetic medicine treatments that need hydrophilic traits of hyaluronic acid to rehydrate the skin deeply are called skin boosters. Hyaluronic acid does not have the effect of volumizing in this case. It only prevents the effects of skin aging and deeply stimulates and plumps the skin.

In the family of skin boosters, there are different kinds of products such as Restylane skinboosters®, Juvederm volite®, or Profhili®.

Table of contents:

  1. What are skinboosters?
  2. Do skinboosters work? 
  3. Are skinboosters safe?
  4. What are benefits of skinboosters? 
  5. What side effects of skinboosters?
  6. What is the difference between skinboosters and fillers?
  7. Is skin boosters better than filler?

1.What are skinboosters?

An ideal treatment for those who want to improve the look and quality of their skin texture and tone is called skin boosters. Skinboosters restore collagen and hydrate your skin.
The dermal filler called skin boosters works very well. There are one of the most adaptable fillers available today, with a wide spectrum of skin-renewing abilities. In contrast to other fillers, it does more than only fill up fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin becomes renewed with skin-boosters in three ways:

  • By saturating thin, dynamic, or static lines
  • Hydrating the tissues by pulling the water back into the skin.
  • Strengthening our collagen stores and enhancing the skin’s elastics quality. 
  • It is a perfect treatment for those individuals to enhance the quality of their skin tone and texture. 

2.Do skinboosters work? 

In short yes, They work effectively to reduce dryness, roughness, and fine wrinkles, and enhance skin tone and texture. However, for the best output two sessions per year to recommended to ensure maximum benefits and results. 

Hyaluronic acid is a soft gel-like substance used in skin booster injections. this is a material that is naturally occurring in our skin and holds exceptional amounts of moisture. HA depletes to some factors such as 

  • Sun damage
  • Heredity
  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Environmental factors 

Hyaluronic acid micro injections enhance its flexibility, brightness, and firmness by restoring moisture in the skin. 

3.Are skinBoosters safe?

In the field of cosmetic dermatology, skin boosters are becoming popular as a way to regenerate aging or tired skin. However, safety is the top concern with any cosmetic treatment. In this article, we will cover the safety of skin boosters and what should you need to know before thinking about this treatment.

4.What are the benefits of skinboosters? 

Skinboosters are most commonly used for facial rejuvenation. However, this is a comprehensive treatment that may be used to treat different skin conditions, such as the neck, back of the hands, and dëcolletage. They can be used to tighten the skin beneath the chin (RRS), the upper inner arm, inner knees, inner thighs, and the belly. They are acceptable for all genders, ages, and skin types.

  • Depending on the procedure chosen, some of the potential benefits are given below;
  • Decrease wrinkles and lines that are visible
  • Improved complexion
  • Better skin tone
  • Tighter, boosted skin
  • The greater elasticity of the skin
  • Better hydration gives out a beautiful “glow.”
  • More elastic and soften skin lesser patchy pigmentation. 

5.What are Side Effects of skinboosters? 

Skinboosters’ side effects are typically extremely minor and remove within one or two days. side effects such as Redness, bruising, and swelling.Additionally where the injection was made some patients claim to feel sore or itchy. At the injection site, Lumpiness may occur, although it may resolve with the light message.
After treatment, if you have terrible pain, skin blanching, or any other major problems consult your doctor or injector.
No matter what your age, skin boosters are a simple, tried-and-true method to renew and maintain the health of your skin. They’re the best preventative care that is capable of making your skin glow because they are more effective than the best topical skincare product. 

6.What is the difference between skinboosters and fillers?

Although skin boosters and fillers both are constituted of the same substance.in our bodies, a hydrophilic sugar molecule occurs naturally. While fillers and skin boosters are just duplicates of this water-loving molecule.
Dermal fillers concentrate on replacing volume loss, raising, enhancing features, and contouring. Skin boosters, which are used to hydrate your skin and treat dehydrated regions that can happen from dry skin and aging, can be put practically all over the face, unlike fillers. 

7. Is skinboosters better than filler? 

Skin boosters with hydrating properties work to replenish and rejuvenate the skin. Rather than increasing the volume of treated regions skin boosters are injected to help with the overall quality of your skin, and to improve the tone, texture, and look of the skin.
The main distinction between filler and skin boosters is skin boosters replenish moisture and hydration instead of adding volume. Skin boosters also differ from dermal fillers due to their thinner uniformity, which prevents them from increasing volume as a typical dermal filler does. 
On the other hand, dermal fillers are typically used to improve the structure and shape of the face.