Keratine vs. protein

Protein and keratine can be differentiated by the fact that keratine is a form of protein treatment. Keratine is an essential protein for nail hair. Hair is quickly damaged by heat, sunshine, different products, and regular styling. Hair can be enhanced, strengthened, made shiny, manageable, and damaged with both keratine and protein treatments.

People with different hair textures are well-known for their keratin and protein treatments. They are safe from sun damage to the hair. Keratine protein treatments are used to improve strength and shine while managing frizz.

Keratine is a chemical hair procedure in which a keratin solution is applied to the hair. Then this solution is sealed into the hair shaft with the help of heat. On the other hand, protein treatment is a conditioning treatment. In this procedure, keratine protein is applied to the hair for smoothing and strengthening. Protein treatments focus on using different kinds of proteins to strengthen damaged hair.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a protein treatment?
  2. What is keratine treatment?
  3. What are the benefits of keratine protein treatment?
  4. Is the protein-keratine treatment the same?
  5. Does protein treatment straighten hair?
  6. Which type of protein is keratine?
  7. Which is better, keratine or protein treatment?
  8. Is keratine protein treatment bad for hair?
  9. Does my hair need keratin or protein?
  10. Conclusion

1.What is a protein treatment?

Protein treatments are a kind of hair care that moisturizes and repairs broken hair while also applying specific products to it. Your hair can get protein treatment either at home or in a salon, and it is easily available. It is a conditioning treatment because it adds protein to your hair. Your hair may benefit from protein treatments to strengthen it and shield it from future harm.

In this treatment, hair shafts are treated with hydrolyzed protein, cuticle gaps are filled, and the health and texture of the hair are improved. Additionally, the strength and texture of the hair also improve after protein treatment. During protein treatment, a shielding layer is created that helps to repair broken hair and decrease protein loss from the hair cuticle.

There are two prominent hair protein treatments available on the market.

  • Treatment with keratine
  • Treatment with cysteine

2.What is keratine treatment?

Keratine hair treatment is a procedure that changes frizzy and broken hair into straight and smooth hair. Protein that is produced naturally in our body is keratine. Our hair, nails, and skin are made up of keratin. It helps give strength and structure to the hair, nails, and skin. Keratine treatment is used to maintain the hair, add shine, and smooth the hair. But Your hair is not straight keratine treatment. A strong chemical product’s mixture is applied to coat hair in keratine protein during this process. A protective outer layer of hair is called the cuticle. In this process, the cuticle is sealed to stop the movement of moisture in and out of the strands.

Keratine treatment differs from hair softening and hair straightening. If you treated your hair with keratine, then the treatment worked quite well and lasted for 3 months. Today, there is a misconception that keratine is “straight hair,” but here I clearly describe that keratine means strong, healthy, and smooth hair. It is for all kinds of hair.

3.What are the benefits of keratine protein treatment?

Due to environmental factors, keratine is decreasing on a daily basis in our hairs. These environmental factors and daily stressors include stress, chemical products, styling with heat, humid or dry weather, hair age, and other severe conditions. due to continuous depletion of keratine may cause broken hair. As a result, hair becomes dry, frizz, damaged, and dull.

Benefits of keratine treatment

  1. The highly-quality keratine that is in all keratine-complex items is signature keratine. The bonds of hair are repaired and strengthened with the help of signature keratine.
  2. Our body receives support and protection through keratine. Keratine levels affect our nails, hair, and overall health. Keratine is the primary component of hair.
  3. Keratine is a chemical treatment. Our hair becomes shiny and silky and reduces frizz through keratin treatment. They are called Brazilian blowouts.
  4. Keratine safeguards our hair strands.
  5. Keratin helps with re bonding and hair strengthening.
  6. Heat styling causes more damage to hair than keratin treatment.
  7. Keratine treatment is the best protector for our hair to shield it from the sun and environmental factors.

Benefits of protein treatment

  1. Hair gets strength through protein hair treatment and has less chance of falling.
  2. If you are dying your hair, protein treatment is a must because it adds protection from damage.
  3. Damaged and broken hair is restored and repaired with the help of protein hair treatment.
  4. Protein hair treatment reduces breakage and split ends.
  5. They enhance hair flexibility. Flexibility is essential for hair that can be styled and to prevent breakage and split ends.

4.Is the protein-keratine treatment the same?

The main distinction between keratine and protein treatment is that keratine treatments mainly consist of keratine, which is a part of hair that easily penetrates hair. Keratin treatment makes the hair manageable and shiny because it is a chemical treatment. It makes the hair healthier. Keratine is a form of protein therapy.

Protein treatment, on the other hand, is a mixture of several proteins that have been obtained from different plant and animal sources to fulfill the needs of hair. While protein therapy boosts the level of protein in the hair and makes the hair stronger, Protein treatment is a conditioning treatment that improves hair health.

  • Keratine and protein both make hair stronger and shiny.
  • Both therapies can strengthen the broken hair and restore it.
  • Both treatments protect against hair damage.

5.Does protein treatment straighten hair?

Protein treatment rebuilds and restores the hair strand, and it provides the hair with various kinds of nutrients and proteins. It is a conditioning treatment that makes hair manageable and stronger. But now a days, keratine straightening treatment is considered a protective way to straighten hair permanently. Because it does not depend on toxic chemicals, unlike relaxers and permanent waves.

6.Which type of protein is keratine?

The major structural fibrous protein is keratine. It makes the horns of many types of animals, such nail, wool, hair,  and feathers, have a high amount of cysteine, and it makes a disulfide connection between inter- and intramolecular Keratin is a secondary protein. It makes our nails and hair healthier and stronger while healing the wounds.

7.Which is better, keratine or protein treatment?

  • Keratine is used to straighten and smooth hair, while protein treatment not only gives a smoother look but also improves health by revitalizing and smoothing frizzy hair. by making sure you have an entire day off before a keratin or protein treatment.
  • Protein is a conditioning treatment because it adds protein to hair. It boosts hair structure and restores damaged hair. Keratine is a chemical treatment that makes hair straight, shiny, and manageable.
  • Protein therapy has different kinds of proteins, while on the other hand, keratine is only a single protein.
  • Both treatments can protect hair from external factors and make it soft, shiny, and manageable.
  • Keratine makes up the majority of our hair because it is a form of protein.
  • Keratine treatment is a kind of protein therapy.

8.Is keratine protein treatment bad for hair?

Our bodies naturally produce the protein keratine,which helps the hair, skin, and nails become healthier and stronger. The shampoo and conditioners that contain keratine are keratine hydrolysates, which keep our hair stronger and improve its beauty.

On the other hand, uncommon keratine treatment may cause hair damage and loss. Because in keratine hair treatment, formaldehyde is a key ingredient. A key ingredient called formaldehyde is used as a disinfectant, fungicide, and germicide.

In addition to hair loss or damage, keratine hair therapy may result in:

  • Pain in the chest
  • Coughing
  • Rashes
  • Nausea and vomiting problems
  • Eye sensitivity

Although protein is important for us, too much of it may be a bad thing. In addition to our natural hair care routine, hair protein treatments and items may be good, but too much can have severe effects.

9.Does my hair need keratin or protein?

If we notice we have a lack of protein, our hair has become sticky.

We will need  protein treatment if our hair are porous and limps, shed , weak elasticity, and if you recently colored your hair. 

Keratine is helps to smooth and straighten the frizz hair Although protein treatment is enhance the health of hair that smooth snd control the frizz of hair. 


Protein treatment can increase the proteins in our hair, and it helps to restore broken hair and strong and strengthen the brittle hair it make the hair shiny and make it easier to handle. There are various other protein treatments , including

  • Treatment for cysteine
  • Keratine therapy